I planned this trip to celebrate my 35th birthday, march 7th. It’s a 10-days-trip with 3 types of journeys: Flores overland, islands hopping in Komodo National Park, relaxing in Bali. Given that, I had to pack many things that can fit for all journeys.

Some of the stuff I brought during the trip

My birthday was celebrated in Waerebo Traditional Village, and it was an unforgotten humble celebration. I have eyeing this destination since years ago and had put it as top priority of my bucket list. This year, I had a very perfect reason to really put an effort to be in this unforgettable place to marked up these 2 important moments in my life: my 35th birthday and my days of being an entrepreneur – Yes, I quit my job as a PR Manager of a worldwide well-known luxury brand.

This story is just half of the trip, the overland trip only. The other half will be shared in separate story due to its different type of exploration.

Day #1:

The journey started with an early flight from Jakarta to Bali; no direct flight from Jakarta to Ende, Flores. we decided to take 4 hours transit so we can go out from the airport to enjoy a proper breakfast in Bali.

Some of the participants : Me, Rini, Didi, and Tamara

We arrived in Ende, at 3pm and went straight to Moni village; a village at the slope of Mont Kelimutu, where you can find a lot of guest houses.

Day #2:

We leaved our guest house around 3am to catch the sunrise from the top of the Mount Kelimutu. The best moment to visit Mount Kelimutu is during sunrise, not only because that is the best moment to get a beautiful picture, but also to avoid the very hot weather when the sun has fully shine brightly (you don’t have to wait until noon to get burn!)

Beautiful sunrise from the top of Mount Kelimutu

After the sunrise, we went back to our guest house, packed our bag, and continue the journey.

Our next destination was Bena Traditional Village; one of conserved traditional village in FLores. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines, as well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into a signpost for Ngada culture; hence, very warm smile from the villagers will welcome you.

Full team strike a pose with Bena as the background

We spent a night in Ruteng before we reach our main destination in this 1st journey; Waerebo Traditional Village.

Day #3:

Another morning trip; we start at 7am, and drove for almost 4 hours to the meeting point at Dintor Village for trekking to Waerebo. The meeting point is a small yet cozy cottage in the middle of paddy field. We arrived at lunch time and had a delicious traditional lunch menu.

Surrounded by paddy field

At 1.30pm, we started to walk for almost 3 hours before we reach the gate of Waerebo Traditional Village. We spent a night in the village, and it was a very unique and exiting moment.

Waerebo is an old Manggaraian village, situated in pleasant, isolated mountain scenery. The village offers you a unique opportunity to see authentic Manggarai housing and to experience the everyday life of the local community, and it is the only village in the entire district which still hosts the complete village structure including the traditional houses (mbaru niang house –a cone shaped house with massive roof made of layers of palm leaves and wooden structure), a drum house as symbol of the unity of the clan and communal building as well as the stone altar compang, where the souls of the ancestors are believed to stay. This authenticity made the village as one of the receiver of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage on March 2013

Resting after 3 hours trekking 😋

This village is the last destination in this 1st journey. On the 4th day, we trekked back to Dintor and drove for 6 hours to Labuan Bajo for our 2nd type of journey; the islands hopping at Komodo National Park.

Here is the 3 minutes video of this 1st journey. Honestly, it’s not easy to squished all the videos and pictures from the 3 days trip into a 3 minutes video; but I have to :). Please enjoy the video!


I was so happy to had the chance to witness the beautiful village right on my birthday! And that celebration also to mark my new adventure as an entrepreneur!
Some tips:

  • Bring a trekking shoe or at least a comfortable sport shoes. You will walk a lot!
  • 1 sweater or jacket is enough
  • When in Waerebo, they have all the facilities, so you don’t have to bring sleeping bag with you. Just a large thin fabric as your blanket
  • You can bring some gifts or simple toys for the local kids. Please coordinate with the community leaders first before you give it to the kids.
  • I suggest you to use tour operator, so you can use your time to enjoy the trip not worrying about where to eat and sleep.
  • Make sure you bring a camera or at least a mobile phone with a good built-in cam. 



– A K –


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