My 1st Day in Pulse…

21 May 2007…

This was my 1st day in Pulse Communications, an Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, as a Jr. Consultant… I was pretty sure some of the employee must be so jealous… hehehe… But it was, I’m sure they aren’t jealous anymore coz they are my best friends now

There’ so may stories behind these two pictures… 😉

PULSE Communications, 1st appearance Pulse 1 Year after the 1st appearance

A good one, bad one, cheerful, sadness, struggling, and the most important one are SURVIVING…. hehehe…

Now the team is growing… more people, more facilities… more client, for sure hehe… and I become a Consultant and have 3 subordinate, 2 AEs and 1 freelancer, huehuehue it’s cool huh!

I’m so happy to be part of the team… there’ so many lessons learn… how to be a good PR person and PR Professional…

But… I’m leaving… for another great opportunity in my carrier life… and wishing that my 2 AEs could grown as another high quality AM as their hv dream off… hehehehe yea right, you wish!!! :)) HAHAHAHA…

Me & My 2 AEs, Dewa & Chely

Well… Let see what will happen in the future…

Stop Global Warming 😕 😀


– AK –


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